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I design things.

I design logos, flyers and illustrations for local businesses and non-profit groups. I design digital ads for websites and Facebook banners that get noticed. I am a creative wizard on Photoshop and can manipulate your photos and images into whatever your twisted mind desires. I help small business and not-for-profit groups brand themselves to increase their professionalism and reach their target markets.

I have been a marketing coordinator and designer for the Gough Group and for Tennis Canterbury, where I have designed an array of advertising and promotions, including digital HP and PX sliders, social media promotions, print advertising campaigns and event posters.

The North Canterbury Musical Society

A theatre-lover at heart, I have volunteered my time for many years in the graphics and promotions of the North Canterbury Musical Society (NCMS). I have designed show logos, posters, advertising and show programmes.

My programme design for NCMS’s 2017 production of “Company” won Musical Theatre New Zealand’s Samuel Keen Memorial Award for best programme.

Faces Magazine

From 2014 to 2016, I was given the opportunity of founding and being the editor and creative director for the regional Baptist publication, Faces Magazine. This included creating the magazine’s visual identity, designing the quarterly publication, overseeing copy and maintaining the magazine’s website and social media presence.

Project Lyttelton

My home town of Lyttelton is a vibrant community, bustling with initiatives for saving our beautiful Canterbury environment and making a friendlier and more caring society for our residents. I have been pleased to help Project Lyttelton with a number of promotions, including the branding and posters for their “Waste Matters” project.

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