Tennis Canterbury

What happens when the least sporty person in the world sells tennis to Canterbury

I am the least sporty person I know. Seriously. Who knew that selling sport could be so much fun?

My years at Tennis Canterbury have afforded me the opportunity to develop tournament posters, rebrand the organisation’s website, newsletter and Facebook presence and coordinate major sporting events like the Canterbury Open, the Davis Cup and the city-wide Love Tennis regional open day.

Tennis Canterbury Social Media

Under my supervision, the Tennis Canterbury Facebook grew organically from a stagnant page to an active social media presence featuring a host of events, connected groups for interaction and better communication with tennis community segments and links to online booking at their dedicated tennis facility. Facebook page Likes increased from 96 to more than 750 within a year. With the wide variety of offerings Tennis Canterbury has to offer, Facebook events have been especially useful, allowing the organisation to boost event posts across Facebook and Instagram and attract attention from across the region.

The tennis community is built on youth. With our budding tennis champions in mind, we added a variety of channels to the Tennis Canterbury social media mix. A Youtube channel was established for those invaluable video clips as well as an Instagram account and even Snapchat.

Tennis Canterbury Website

The Tennis Canterbury website was specifically designed for thumbs. With a host of activities for all levels of players, and a target market that is young and on the go, the website needed to not only be optimised for mobile, but optimised for life. Large buttons immediately connect visitors with the information they seek. Current events and tournaments are linked on the front page so that they are easily found and accessible.